Exposing lies, pedophilia, and the evils of Hollywood and the mainstream media!

Stop and watch this movie!

We recognize that the internet is flooded with conspiracy theories and crackpots hell-bent on disrupting society (sorry Alex Jones); however, this is not that. Out of Shadows is a professionally produced and well-written documentary that exposes, with a plethora of evidence, the legitimate concern that the media elites are bedfellows with nefarious government entities along with powerful people in both government and the entertainment industry. It has already garnished over fourteen million views and counting. Out of Shadows unmasks the unholy alliance with the CIA and Hollywood which includes brainwashing, mind-control, operation paperclip, LSD trials, bait-and-switch fictional movies,  mockingbird, and so much more. Also, this film points out key figures in the government, media industry, and military that aligned themselves with these campaigns. Moreover, Out of Shadows unpacks devil worship and the unbelievable pedophilia ring in America that was ignored by most mainstream organizations; up to and including media outlets that overlooked key connections to the Clintons, Jefferey Epstein, John Podesta, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc… This movie is well worth the hour and twenty minutes it takes to finish and will compel you to get involved. The evidence is compelling and the stacks could not be higher.


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