Ravi Zacharias on Homosexuality

This is good enough to read and analyze twice!

My Journey with God

Outline of the video:
How do you respond to non believers who accuse christians of being hateful to the people who support lifestyles that are not according to the precepts of our faith?
3 panels of an answer
  • Logical problem
  • Theological problem
  • Relational problem (how you communicate it)
Logical problem:
TOLERANCE – What kind of culture are we living in? (he responds to the question with a question)
there are 3 cultures in relation to absolute:
  1. Theonomous culture:governed by God; subject to God’s authority. — Everyone hold the same morals, all laws are self evident and ingrained in the heart
  2. Heteronomous culture:Mainstream of the culture is dictated by the leadership at the top — e.g. Marxism, Islam (In truly Islamic countries: The Mulahs or the Shakes dictate when they must fast or when they can eat, or who they can be seen with and who they cannot be…

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