Why the Church Should Reject Social Justice Theory.

This deserves to be revisited in light of what is on the line.

R-Rated Religion

Social justice, in the sense that it is being inculcated in our society today, does not mean what most Christians think it means. Social Justice does not mean equal justice under the law for all members of society, as it should, and as the Bible correctly advocates. The Social Justice theory (theology) currently being promulgated by politicians and clergy means racial equity and retaliation for assumed past systemic injustices. This is severely unbiblical and should be strongly rejected in faith-based communities and Church congregations nationwide. Here is a simple equation that illustrates our thesis:

Social Justice = Civil Reprisal

Unfortunately what we are seeing is an unholy alliance by the progressive (extremely secular) left and many evangelical churches around the nation.  Pulpits and pews are filled with well-intentioned, albeit ignorant, laity, and clergy that are happy to walk lockstep with such a corrosive worldview. These may have good intentions but…

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